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Stationeers is a space base-building game developed by RocketWerkz, the same indie studio behind Icarus. Inspired by Space Station 13 (SS13), this first-person survival and construction game challenges players to design intricate electrical, atmospheric, and manufacturing systems within a space station environment.
The game features the use of logic chips and programmable chips known as IC10, which operate using a low-level MIPS assembly language.
For more details, visit the game's page on Steam: Stationeers - by RocketWerkz

Stationeers Basic to IC10 MIPS compiler

To enhance the game's programming capabilities, we've developed a specialized tool — a compiler. This compiler enables players to write code in the Basic programming language, complete with structures, functions, and dynamic variables. The tool then converts this Basic code into IC10-compatible code, ready for direct importation into Stationeers. This streamlined process allows for more efficient and flexible system automation.

MIPS limitations:

When using MIPS assembly language, manual allocation of registers is required for code execution. Additionally, performing mathematical operations often necessitates multiple lines of code, making the debugging process less straightforward.

BASIC solutions:

The Basic programming language offers several advantages over MIPS in the context of Stationeers. It automatically allocates variables to available registers and utilizes a stack for additional storage, enabling players to employ more registers than typically allowed by MIPS. Furthermore, Basic allows complex mathematical operations to be written in a single line of code, facilitating easier debugging and adjustments as needed.

Export to Stationeers Library:

Once the code is compiled, it can be directly exported to the Stationeers library. This feature simplifies the setup process, allowing players to integrate their custom IC programs into their stations with just a few clicks.

More information / Downloads:

The Basic-IC10 Compiler tool is available for download on the Steam Workshop. Visit the workshop page for additional information and resources related to the tool's functionality and updates: Basic-IC10-Compiler - By Exca, FlyGameStudio

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